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Dog Training

Sydney based dog trainers with over 35 years of national and international training experience for all dog breeds and dog behavior problems.

New Indoor Dog Boarding and Cattery


INTRODUCTION TO OBEDIENCE TRAINING = $399* (includes boarding)

Here at PETS were happy to present to you a brand new course in Obedience Training.
This specialised ONE WEEK course is designed to teach your dog the basics of training and to improve on the following areas:

    • Sit
    • Drop
    • Stay
    • Walking nicely on the lead by your left hand-side
    • Recall work on-lead
    • More control around distractions

At the completion of the week, your pooch will also be treated to a complimentary wash!
When you return for your dog, one of our trainers will go through a lesson with you and teach you how to reinforce the training back at home and this would take approximately 1 hour. You will also be given a second complimentary lesson conducted at a later time for approximately 30 minutes. For bookings, please fill out our online booking form and make sure to select the ONE WEEK SPECIAL option. Alternatively, please contact our office to make a booking.
*Excludes NSW Peak & Extreme Seasons

German Shepherd receives Obedience Training
German Shepherd with Obedience Training
Dog Training for all dogs
Dog Training for all breeds
Doberman with Obedience Training
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Dog obedience training

With more than 35 years experience working with a wide variety of breeds in countries across the globe, our fully qualified staff are among the best in the business and consistently achieve an exceptionally high success rate with the animals that come under their care. We have won prizes at numerous obedience trials and are proud of the reputation we have established for ourselves, both in Australia and around the world. We offer a range of services aimed at owners who demand the very best for their pets but who do not wish to pay inflated prices for professional help.

The key to our success

Dogs, like people, are individuals with their own character and temperament. For this reason, taking a one-size-fits-all approach to training them is never a good idea and usually results in disappointing results. We prefer to assess each animal that is brought to us and tailor our methods to suit their personality. As accredited dog trainers Sydney owners have come to rely on, you can rest assured that we never employ harsh tactics to subdue unruly pets. We believe that kindness and patience are crucial to winning the trust of your canine friend and our 99.9% success rate speaks for itself.

Full control

Most owners would like to be able to control their pet in any situation, with verbal commands that are short and to the point. Our sessions encourage your pet to be attentive and responsive, so you can enjoy walking them without fear that they will misbehave. We are also happy to accept problem dogs that exhibit behavioural traits that are annoying or disruptive in a domestic environment. Whether you have a mixed breed animal that is chewing your carpets or a pedigree puppy that needs to learn how to behave in the show ring, we will be pleased to help.

A home from home

In addition to our wide range of dog training education courses that can be customised to meet your particular needs, we have well equipped boarding kennels where we can take care of your canine friend whilst you enjoy a holiday abroad. Set in extensive grounds with a large swimming lake and exercise yards, we have indoor and outdoor units boasting automatic water fillers, comfortable bedding and heated flooring. We also have excellent facilities for cats and offer an international pick up and delivery service for pets that enables overseas owners to take advantage of our obedience classes and other services.

Dedication and expertise

Every member of our team is dedicated to providing our clients with a flawless service and ensuring that their pets are well looked after at all times. We understand how important the welfare of your canine or feline friend is to you and with expert training, grooming services, organic food and luxury accommodation on offer, we are sure your pets will enjoy their stay with us. For cat boarding Sydney residents have a wide choice and it is easy to find a school for your dog in the city. However, our show dog training and other services are without parallel.